Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III Review

Posted late cos Luke was fishing or something, my review of Lil Wayne's album is up at The Quietus. Sample:

...the stand out, and the album’s centrepiece, comes in the unexpected form of ‘Shoot Me Down’ - a dark, relentless driving monster of a song that sounds like you always wanted Tricky to. This one song alone, for me, makes the whole thing worthwhile. No other rapper alive would have made this song. It is ‘Next’.

This is why Wayne is a great. In a sterilised, stylized climate, he is different. In a world full of overthunk punchline raps, Wayne is a musician first, unafraid to talk what seems to be gibberish in a dope way, because that’s what the beat demands. And amidst the gibberish, are true moments of perfect clarity. Wayne is a simply a conduit. A wet brained receiver of non localised consciousness.

Check it out.