Lil Wayne In Mashed Out Of His Tiny Brain On Cough Medicine Shocker

From Playlouder: Lil Wayne still hasn't put Tha Carter 2 3 out (they're saying June now), but he has been in the UK drinking a fucking buttwad of syzurp and doing slightly aggy interviews with people. Like DJ Semtex!

Enjoy the clip below. It is really really weird.

MARVEL! At Wayne's ego!

SWOON! At his drugged up slurring, and weird facial tattoos!

GASP! As he admits he didn't actually grow up in the hood, as claimed on 78% of his records, but "in the studio, in Universal's offices, in clubs."

FALL OVER! When he says he doesn't know anything about New Orleans!

NEVER TAKE DRUGS AGAIN! Cos who'd wanna look this dumb?!??!?!?!?!