Life's Great Rewards Part 245

Having mixed two more songs for UNKILLABLE THUNDERCHRIST I figured I deserved a reward, and an energy infusion. So I purchased a large pineapple from downstairs for £1.40, skinned it with this big shiny kitchen knife (a very useful and appreciated wedding present) and mashed it into The Juicer - another very useful and much appreciated wedding present.

I then poured the resulting jug full of fresh pineapple juice into The Blender - yes, another very useful and much appreciated wedding present - wherein I added a fistful of frozen blueberries and some ice. Three minutes smashing around inside that blender on maxium later and I was rewarded with the following tasty concoction:

I feel like I could wrestle a tiger right about now. Ahhhh, life's great rewards.

Speaking of which, the song I just finished mixing is a cover... and it's so beautiful I've had it on loop for the past half an hour since its completion. Pure, unadulterated gorgeousness and gorgeousity.

Hold tight for new music - I'm gonna drop a song as soon as it comes back from mastering. Unkillable Thunderchrist is on track for Monday. Get your preorders in here.

Hey! I'll be landing at San Francisco airport this time next week. Holy crap!