Life's Great Rewards

Boy oh boy, sometimes, when you're all ill and busy and doing lots of stuff its really easy to fall into a great big silly stress hole, and go,


Indeed. But sometimes, one just has to kick back, crack open a sneaky cancerous can of Pepsi, and contemplate Life's Great Rewards

Sneaky cancerous cans of Pepsi!

The laughter of the children outside my window every morning!

Free clothes and trainers from Puma!

My Name Is Earl on DVD!

Pringles and hummus!

Big ass bottles of Turkish water that cost 50p!

Tekken 5!

Not feeling the need to smoke fags every five minutes!

Thai Sweet Chili sauce!

Having the man behind the counter at Dixons go to great lengths to suss out what's wrong with your digital camera for you rather than sell you a new memory card!

An "x" at the end of a text message!

More than one "x" at the end of a text message!

The Independent!

Kevin Rowland's My Beauty, especially his version of The Greatest Love Of All!

Downloading Meatloaf songs on Limewire!

Musical answer phone messages from tuneful friends!

Wooly vests!

Recording your friends doing cover versions of britpop songs!

Living next door to a park!

Hugo Chavez and the wonderful people of Venezuela!

Raspberry and cranberry smoothies in a 1 litre box!


Old Dork comic books!

Dreams that aren't nightmares and have hot pink teaching things jumping up and down on giant strawberry flavoured jellies during thunderous sun storms in them!