My pink thing has finally been given life... after emerging from some paper and ink a year or two ago, my smallest brother Jozef has realised his being, as was meant to be. You can't hear, but inside that pink, those eyeballs, it screams. Big up Mothboy, Birddogg, KKF, P Mo, Rosie, Carpet, The Rub, and all who made our bus at Homelands dope, despite all the technicalities. I love you brothers, that shit was tight, I even love you Kool Kid, despite what you did to 'Black Regent'. I love that shit! HAHAHA! It is good.

Somehow, cos I was run ragged "running" a bus, I never got any photos. If anyone did, could you mail me? (Address above) .

Check this...

Mixtape 2 is well underway, and should be done by next week, when we're COMING TO AMERICA, just like Eddie.

Thieving cunt security robbed all my weed at Homelands, but I feel peace right now. Word.