YESSIR! I am still hyped about having the internet, and I have taken the oppurtunity to get together a wee letters column! Yes I have!

OK, I get too many emails now to be able to answer them all individually AND make a new record AND keep Jeres out of trouble, so I am going to do one of these regularly. How regularly I am not sure. I will suss that out. In the meanwhile, if youmailed me and I didn't get back, it was so not out of hate. Not never.

SO! We kick off today with a lovely picture from Hannah Gushue, who explains: "This is based on your Club NME, 2005 pictures. =)"

Top work Hannah! That is brilliant, and will go straight in The Gallery (along with the other pile of entries we have been too otherwise engaged to sort since we relaunched). Anyway. On with the letters! Forsooth!

What's up man? My name's Marcus, I'm in college in the US.

I just wanted to complement you on all of your incredible music. I just discovered the "Hypocrite" video on Newgrounds.com, and after that I went to akirathedon.com and checked out all the other songs you have. Everything that I've heard is simply brilliant. I can't wait to get down to the CD shop and pick up a copy of "When We Were Young."

Anyway, I won't take up anymore of your time. Just keep on making great music with amazing beats and killer lyrics.


P.S. Hit me up with an e-mail if you've got the time. Laters!

It is easy, for some, to forget the awesome combinative power of cartoons and songs. Cartoons and songs go together like Canibus and wack beats. Or Coke and cancer. GETME?

Quite. I am listening to Bruza on Westwood. Gotta love Bruza.

Which has nowt to do with it. Or does it? Yes. Anyway. Thanks for your letter, and welcome to the house Marcus. Don't bother with the shops, they won't have it blatantly, it's TOO GOOD! Click shop in the top right of this here screen. We post worldwide. Send me a picture of your Mam with it when it arrives. I am interested in Mothers. Mothers are super cool. I bet Bruza's mam is ace, and I bet yours is too.


I jus pirated that shit (sorry) and i must say it is one of the best albums ive come across in the last year RAH!

then again i knew it would be

sorry bout the pirating again but then again u your self made a song promoting it

come on an america tour we need you!

Big Fishy

Dear Fishy

I am so going to sue you.

I got a question, i dought you will anwser this, how long have you been a artist? they call me juggalo

Dear They Call Me Juggalo

I am assuming they call you Juggalo cos you are a Juggalo. Big up son! Juggalos are super cool - they put on make up and go to Insane Clown Posse shows and throw soda pop about the place and wile the fudge out. I approve.

Anyway. I reckon I 'ave been a artist since I was born. I kicked along to Adam And The Ants records in my mam's belly and I was scrawling on walls as soon as I got hold of a crayon. But I've been properly focused on making music for, like, four years I guess. Prior to that I had no focus. Focus is pretty essential.

i know i just saw your new video ''hypocrite''on newgrounds it wuz madd cool yo i think you should be on mtv or bet or on da radio or somthin cuz your cooler then n.w.a. and lil' wayne put together.also im tryin to et people in my school to know bout' you. i need help getting your videos on my myspace itz hard cuz i cant find any of your videos on myspace really i wanna get livin in da future but i cant maddogg New Jeresey

Dear Maddogg Thank you for your letter, is is a very beautiful thing and makes me glad. I dunno about cooler than NWA and Lil Wayne though, but I'll take the compliment and frame it. Anyway, I guess I was kind of hating on that LITF thing for a while - I always go off things I;ve made a little while after I've made them, but there's enough space between making it and now for me to see that, indeed, it was awesome, so I'm gonna dig the thing out and get it on YouTube, just for you.

hi,love your stuff its awesome and fresh,but also,you ever seen the movie joe dirt?,you remeber me of kinda the joe dirt of hip hop,if you aint seen it,go watch it,its awesome,! Ryan 26Mansfield LOL..

hey love the tracks errr how long did it take you to get such a good flow cos id like to do what you do -sean-

Hey Sean FYI, I decided to rap properly on the 1st day of the 1st month, 2000 AD. I wanted to be a cartoon rap star. I think I started there and then. Now it's 2007, and I am a cartoon rap star. Careful what you wish for.

Every, I say, EVERY time you come out with something new, (like the spiffy new video) you remind me why I describe you to friends as "my favourite rapper."

I hope you go platinum, and no bullshit. Makyomaru 32 New York

Makyomaru - you get acest name of the week award. And I hope you get all the love a person can, live a full and happy life, and get to float about the world in a hot air balloon.

First off, I'm a big fan. I've been listening to your stuff since early 2005. 1234567 is by far my favorite song, unfortunately i live in the united states so it's pretty much impossible to find a copy of when we were young. Anyway. I'm the frontman/vocalist of the band The STD's, and although we're working to get stuff recorded, we just started out [and the name is going through cycles]. I was wondering if it'd be alright if we used your song Clones as part of our set? It's a damn good song, and it'll help you get a larger audience from the US. We'll translate the song into a more punk-rock format, but we'll try to keep the overall sound the same. The lyrics will remain the same, but to make it a bit less hip hop and more appealing to american audiences i'm gonna shift the lyrics around a bit.

Can't wait to hear from you, -Will Reed [that loser guy from the STDs] Boo to the United States shops! And hurrah for the internet! We would be doomed without it. Like pigs in the desert.

Anyway, thanks for your letter. Of course you can use the song. The STDs is a great name, so do with it as you will. I can't wait to hear what you do with it, and I'm sure neither can the rest of the mob who frequent this funny ole place. Keep in touch.

Yo i want to be just like u cuz ur madd cool. OG Ebey 17 years old KINGSTON, New York United States OG Ebey, you are righteous and safe, but don't wanna be like me mayne - every time I lie down my hair tries to dread itself. It is a nightmare. If yours doesn't I wanna be YOU. Plus, you get to be 21. I will never get to be 21 again.

WOW, you get to be YOU! How ill. Hmm. Pondering this has made me a little nostalgic. I am going to put on a Tom Waits record. I advise you to do the same.

akira! just got your album in the post this mornin man its awesome, lovin it! glorious things by far ma fave! how sales goin? it cool bein a big star an all that now eh? Josh, 17, Potterhanworth

Wow, Bawlers, off of Orphans is so amazing. Josh! I am very glad you like the record, I like it too, and I have awesome taste, which means you do too. Whoo! We are awesome! I have no idea how sales are going, but you definitely bought it, and so did my Dad, unless you're both lying to me, but you'd never do that, right? NAW!

Anyway. "Bein a big star" is pretty cool, mayne, I got chased up Stoke Newington High Street by a tramp today, NO LIE!

i have to say this. not very many british people i like... actually next to you, theres only one other. but you have inspired me on the british kinda hio hop you style you do. thank you. oh an dsign me up for the don army. go the revolution of good changes! streetsk8ing

Nice one Streetsk8ing, that is very kind of you. But who's this other British person you like? Is it Bono? I hope not, I wish fire on Bono's face. HAW! Only joking. I don't wish fire on anybody's face, not even George Bush or Henry Kissinger or the little baby Jesus. I wish love and joy for all. Do you think for a second if Henry Kissinger knew true love he's be happy to murder millions of babies? Hell no! So there you go. I hope that answers your questions.

I started to listen to "I Love You ft Envy" only to realize that I knew the beat of my beloved Surjan Stevens. I noticed nothing mentioning that you totally bit off of his song "John Wayne Gacy Jr". You are a pathetic excuse for a musician if you cannot even come up with your own beats so you have to jack someone else's.

If you had no knowledge of it being jacked from someone I apologize for my earlier comments. The artists name is "Sufjan Stevens" and the song is "John Wayne Gacy Jr". Maybe you could give the man a little shout out or some loving. Sheffinton Esq

THAT'S who Dego sampled then! I just copped the original song, and indeed, it is lush. Big up Surjan Stevens. But droog - it really is quite normal for people to take bits of other music and do new things with them and put them on mixtapes and not write a big list of all the component parts. I think half the fun is spotting the samples. Anyway do we really want to be sitting down listening to songs knowing exactly what they're made of? Do you read the ingredients list on your chocolate gatteoux when you're eating it? Hell naw!

(appologies to those who do that. It's OK really)

Oi Akira, hows it goin? Just quick message to say am lovin the choons. Saw you wiv marvin the martian at the old blue last then the other day at 333. Fuckin awesome bruv, got the album in HMV and downloaded b-sides on itunes aswell. Easy, Matty :-P

Yes Matty, you are wise and G-like! And I am very glad you enjoyed that 333 gig, it was a bit of a weird one for us, but that you (and those crazy Brazillian dudes) wnjoyed it so much makes it all worthwhile innit.

Let us all have a group hug.

There you go.