Let's get It!

New week people! Let's get it! Yes. I had a pretty busy weekend - Saturday I was at Shizzio's video shoot. I was getting my Slash on "playing" guitar. Shizzio does it big! The shoot was on some super-pro shit. I had a good time, ate some 'nanas, drank a little Henny, smoked a little weed, copped some sunshine, choped up my hand. Shout out Fire Camp and Maestro, and everyone else that was safe who's names I forgotted.

Sunday was a day of Cleaning. That shit wiped me out, I have no idea why.

Today I am working ona song that is epic to the extreme. And listening to the G Unit album. it's hot so far.

OK. That One Time TV continues apace. Today's Big Jack Nimble's turn. Check out dude's podcast while you're at it, about an hour of dope rap stuff. I enjoyed it a lot on Friday afternoon.