Let's Dance Until Siesta!

Get me! So, the video is all done, bar one final piece, which involves me and a swimming pool, and we have to do tomorrow. It is so good, serious, Zef and I are all proud and shit. We totally rule.

And! I have a new shop! In fact, two new shops! A British one and a Yankee one! And they have different stuffs in them! Like clocks with blobs on and coasters with Hnery Kissinger and Pat Robertson and Steve Jobbs on. Serious! Go see! Make me rich!

Actually, first person to buy something gets a free Bear with ME ON IT. Safe as fuck! Get in there!



So, what else has been happening... well, I WON BALDERDASH! I was totally the don at Balderdash. I am the makeupwordmeaning MASTER. I meant to list all my ace words and meanings, but my Mam chucked the paper. She was just jealous, I suppose.

A also saw Fahrenheit 451. That was pretty amazing. If they were burning all the books, and you had to memorise one completely for it surive, what book would you choose? What book would you be? I am not sure myself. Maybe The Outsiders. I love that book.

So, my Mam's new house is on this posh ass road in Winchester, next to all these posh ass people. But don't be thinking juvey delinquency is the domain of the working classes, that posher kids are in any way more respectful to their parentage than those of lower income families, in these Last Days (ho ho). I'm outside having a fag, right, and I hear this commotion next door. This posh little girl voice is all ragging on this posh deep voice, like, "clear orf! I don't cyare! Get out!"

A bit later, there's this crash, and the deep voice rises to an exasperated squalk, "Harriet, that's enough!"

"Oh, piss orf," comes the reply.

Ho ho. Stay golden, Ponyboys and Girls.