Whaddya mean Laura Bush wouldn't have her photo tooken with P Diddy? I would I have been warming to Diddy of late. He means well, I think. I fear Eminem's brother also. I wonder if he is a good rapper. I hope he is. It would be sad if he sucked. Either way, he will be dissed. Poor lad.

I got well pissed last night. Today my head hurts and my wagon seems very far away. I am drinking lots of water and listening to my mixtape. It is wicked!

Tonight I think I will join my mate Wade at his indoor Beach Party at the Great Eastern Hotel, and rap over some of his records. I like to rap.

It is raining here in Llindain by the way. Ever since I got back from the States I've been waiting for Summer to kick in, but now I realise that it won't. I missed it.