Gosh, I have been busy. Sorry about the lack of communication. Yesterday I was wondering if I'd forgotten how to make songs, then I wrote the best one EVER, then another three. That main one in particular though, sounds like Phil Oakey fronting The Sisters. Or something. Then today I did two photoshoots and an interview, before returning to the noises. The first photoshoot was with an incredibly interesting man called Steve, who appeared to have stepped directly out of some grainy video cassette or other, possibly Highlander, or Rumblefish. He was off to do Lydia Lunch afterwards. Lydia Lunch is awesome.

The second photographer was a nice chap called Mark, who incidentally took the above shot the other day in the Slaughtered Lamb, and was taking photos for his book about "New Dandies".

Oh, have you seen this? Doesn't that look awesome?

I am all midied up by the way. My replacement M Audio Midisport 22 is not, sadly, lime green, but it does work at least.