Late Tape

Last night my little brothers had a party, and the house was full of drunken children. I must confess that I myself had a couple of glasses of red wine, and, before I went and made myself a bed in the scratchy insulation in the attic, I clattered the following into this computer: "Is itpoossible to describe then gatruybess of thus mannor? Joe isndeunk an bed and hismamtes wreef all sick,. Alesx and marek are in bed with will topyunf and soke rioyfh tarts anllm ruwdy. Ne in the attic. Gat hayg gay!" Today I felt quite awful, another painful reminder of why I quit booze in the first place.

So, I am very tired, but ATD the mixtape 3 is all but done - I am waiting for Birddogg to email his contribution, and that will be that. I had no microphone or place of actual residence this time, so there aren't many fresh freestyle cyphers (by "not many", I mean "not any"), but there are some fresh exclusives, like a few headphones raps, my heartbreaking (!) Piranah Death Ray remix, and a bunch of stories...

Anyway, I must be off. I have to get this cartooon biography done by tomorrow as well. And the mixtape's sleeve. And stuff. ut, yes, check here for noises on the morrow, you will like.