Late Avatar Win!

avatars Remember ages and ages ago I had a competition wherein I asked you to come up with working titles for my second album, and I was going to draw avatars for the winners?

Well I didn't!

Not until last night, when I was looking for an email from Wonchop, and I came across this email:

Thanks for choosing me. :3 Anyhoo, can I have one of my monkey dood, Wonchop, prefferably doin some kind of swell aerobatics and kicking some guys ass. And remember, he has hands for feet. And where's gloves on them.

I was confused for a second, then I remembered. Crap! Ages ago I promised people avatars, and I never delivered!

I felt awful, oh my brothers and sisters.

That is why I have spent today drawing the promised avatars. There's Neko on the left, who entered "The Hermit Crawls From His Cave And Shouts "TITS!" which was awesome. There's

Wonchop in the middle - no acrobatics or feet, cos its an avatar, and those things gotta be tiny - for "Akira The Don VS The World". And there's Laura on the right, the girlfriend of Mark Bell, who came up with "Thriller 2". I hope they're still together!

As far as I can remember, there are more to do, but I can't find them in my inbox, and I can't find the original post on here either. Can anyone remember what the post was called?

Thanks to Lacey, I now have the full list. And I have Bloodred and the aforementioned to draw. Pow!



Silentbob done a new podcast! This one's got TV themes in it, apparently. When I've finished listening to Tim Westwood and Soulja Boy being FUCKING HILARIOUS on 1xtra I'm a check it. Westwood's telling Soulja Boy that Leonard Cohen is making up rumours about how he's making a record with him. Soulja doesn't know who Leonard Cohen is. In the words of Westwood, Westwood is so crazy right now.