Last Night At The 100 Club

So, I was very excited about last night - Lethal Bizzle was playing the 100 Club, and I was going to get to see some of the stuff we worked on for his album live for the first time. Plus, he'd asked me to come onstage and do Babylon's Burning The Ghetto with him, and I considered that an honour, actually. Watching him doing 'Oi' I realised how big - I fucking loved that song when it came out. It was probably the first truly great British rap record - it could only have been made in London, and its production gave no clues to its creator's love of New York rap, but paid its debts to the rap motherland via Ozzie B's Wu-Tang Clan referencing. Oi was a truly important record.

So, yeah, anyway, I was very happy to be there. Bizzle's set wad ace, Babylon was ace, and I met lots of ace people. Sway came backstage to say hi, and was exceedingly polite, as was Skinnyman, down the front with a bevvy of ladies as is his wont smoking spliffs. Scroobius Pip was also very nice so I gave him a Stunners mixtape, he is on it after all. I didn't give Ghetto one. Ghetto looked kind of pissed off, but maybe he had hayfever. The tree sperm is nuts right now.

Anyway, I woke up at 5 this morning with some horrible illness, but that is because the universe is balanced so I am not too bothered.

Now I have to decide whether to sample Dexy's Midnight Runners, tidy up, or go back to bed with some comics and, like, get better. It is a tough life, to be sure.

Cheers Elijah for the pic!