Land Of The Gods

"I don't get periods." JTWR, 2006

Today was almost the perfect Sunday in Stokey, and it isn't done yet. I am cooking a roasty lamb dinner and That Martian is coming over to rap some. Again. Happy days. Today I woke up to the sound of mass revelry - it transpired that the good people of Stokey had decided to have a festival in my park. How ace is that? When I got down there Mr Thing and Yunggun were about to go on. I caught the end of that dude Jeres says is amazing's set - that dude being that dude wot raps and plays sax and stuff, and whose name I have momentarily forgot. Anyway. The whole thing was beautiful - breezy first days of autumn, kids on bouncy castles, jerk chicken and corn on the cob, fat old ladies smoking spliffs, hardly any coppers. Stokey is civilised, serious.

I am not, but then I am ill. I didn't help my ill by staying out at a mate's leaving warehouse party till 9 am, but I saw a number of dear old friends, so it was worth it. And yesterday we had a very productive day in Don Studios - JTWR, Marv The Marsh, Son Of King Rebel and co. came together to make fine music, and BJ came along ad upset the rappers with talk of period blood. BJ is a stone cold GANGSTA, straight up.

Cheers JCB for the snaps. I'm gonna go check on my toasty dead lambkin.