Stuff has been crazy these past twently four hours. I watched in annoyance as my dumb arm locked me out of my flat, and had to cart a 15 foot ladder 20 minutes up the Kingsland Road. I wore it around my neck, and resembled some weird submarine skeleton, and now my shoulders are a swollen mass of bruise. Amongst sorting MP3s for Homelands and Roni Size and London Elektricity and Lydia Lunch interviews I found time to drop some mixtapes by the local barbershops where engaded in a cipher and met a host of excellent talent, many of whom will pop up on the next ATD mixtape. Which I am assembling now - if you'd like to contribute in some way, be it a rhyme or a beat or an big explosion, email me.

Anyway, I did my first interview this morning, and you can read it now, which is pretty dope. It is at the reliable and lovely ireallylovemusic site.