From the depths of the bleak pre winter, I bid you YO. The sky looks like somebody's opened up a portal to an evil dimension, which might explain the plague of florescent orange garbed rail workers, policemen and firefolk. I can't go to the shop for a packet of crackers without tripping over gangs at the moment. They're all buying cans of Coke and packets of biscuits and crisps. It's no wonder they all look so poorly. Their pregnant red faces are explosions of broken nerve endings, like fireworks.

Meanwhile The Kidnapping streaks its electric way across the internet, like sheet lightning. KRAK-OW!

6 in a year and this one really is mint The Beatles need to study ‘prolific’ a bit harder…………….. are you going for 7? P Bonson

Man, I was going for 12, but with The Kidnapping it was decided that quality > quantity, so we took our time to make it great. And with that done, there's a gang of awesome stuff coming right up, including VIDEOS and COMICS, and Faculty X, and Stunners 3, and ATD25. And The Life Equation.

Thanks for the FLAC! Looking forward to more in the future. Stephen Belter

...all on FLAC, natch. FLAC is ace, it just take ages to upload.

Dearest Akira The Don,

I downloaded your acapella from Be Brave a while back, & have remembered again & am going to do you a remix, 'cause I'm lovely. Haven't actually attempted to figure it out yet, but I remember whenever I first downloaded it I was having trouble finding the tempo. So, what is it? Cheers, & a hearty PAX Gerry (TiRO)

Good point. I need to start saying what the tempo is when I drop acapellas. We also need an acapella section in here somewhere. Note to self/Zef. Oh, and Tiro, it's 92.986.

Really like the new site. It's so organized and hi-tech looking really worth the wait. I will miss the old sit though, it will be remembered :'''( Can't wait for the new tape to come out plus the new Doncasts!!! I need some more jams at my boring job. Team rockets blasting off again!!! (ping) Nathan Salzar

Thanks Nathan. You know I never took a screen shot? FOOLISH! I really want screen shots of the site over the years. I feel like an orphan with no baby photos. This does remind me however that the Doncasts need updating. What it is is, I use Ustream to record the audio, which it does in the form of .flv files, which always seem to warp and distort when I convert them, so I have to play them back and record them in real time, which is a Long Thing. I need a better system. Which is why we're trying a new one for next week.

Hey ! love the one page deaths head strip bravo! i heard you done a strip of the old freelance peace keeping dude killing some datsun fans?!?! any chance of a read of that ?? im trying to collect all of old d/h apperances, thank you :) Craig

Death's Head is a cult, if you didn't know already. And guess what, Craig? Not only can you viddy my 2003 Death's Head 3 one page strip, you can now feast your eyes on my very first Death's Head comic, from when I was 8 (eight). POW!

Yeah, I was always a serious dude. Check back and I'll have the whole thing in one of those smart slidehsows Zef concocted.

Hello Mr. Don I am currently reading through 1984 and just read a line that i swear to god you sample in one of your songs, it goes like this: 'He had moved from thoughts to words, and now from words to actions. The last step was something tht would happen in the ministry of love' now in your song i think its a lil diff than that but i swear its something along those lines but i cant find the god damn song, do you know which song i mean? Much Love, Benji

I do indeed Benji. It's Dear Baby (Cut You In The Face). The sample is from the 1945 David Nivven radio play, which is a work of chilling genius. I used that on a few tracks over the years. And may well yet again.

My harddrive crashed two months ago, so I'm so glad that your new website has all the old songs. I'm still missing closing time but hopefully you'll get a good copy soon. I recently found what I believe was your first website, that plus all the songs you now have uploaded, brings back so many great memories. And I love your new website too. After many years you're still my favorite artist and I know that you always will be. You're so different from anything I've ever heard and I can't help but to smile while listening to your music. Cheers Lucas Olsson

Peace Lucas. Harddrive crashes are amongst the most traumatic occurrences that can happen to the modern robosapien. I've suffered so very  many. I think I cried after one, many years ago.  Harddrive crashes are why there are some holes in the discography, and while I salvaged most of it (four missing tapes are uploading as I type) - there are still some glaring omissions. I have a couple of treasure chest drives I'm saving up to get bough back to life by expensive surgeons.  But until then I shall continue to hunt the dusty corridors of my old wedges. And if you can let us know when you spot something missing, that would be very helpful and your peers will thank you.

OK, that's enough for now.

Send your letters to akirathedon at!

OH W00T, THE PRINTS ARE IN! I'll get Joey round to scribble on them and we shall get them right out. PAX!