Know Thyself

OK, I feel close to collapse, but at least I got a proper full person massage today. Another first. I had a mini holiday in Greenwich again, which was an entirely different affair to the last in so many respects, which just goes to show the difference a week can make. I wonder what life will be like in September? I hope it is great. Anyway. I realise I have an issue with food, which is fucked, juvenile, and unsustainable. It is really pathetic that I have allowed the whole thing to get this bad. The problem with moving out of home whilst still a child is one gets stuck in childish ways. I find myself ow, an adult, having to deal with person issues most people sussed before puberty. I am ruining myself - I used to be well, and now I seem to be a bit broken. At this rate I will be dead by thirty. I need to eat vegetables, word is bond. A change is necessary. Anyone knows how to suppress tat gag reflex, holla at your boy.

I am off to rehearse now. Tonight is the world cup, and I am making my Women miss out. Jeres got the heads up obviously, dude went all the way to Serbia to escape my steely band leading resolve.