Know Doubt.

Let it be known, then, that that Narnia movie is the first big budget epic of recent memory that has not thoroughly annoyed me, and the first adaption of a thing I liked as small that did not ruin my baby dreams. It is actually quite brilliantly realised. Although, really, you shouldn't b able to look at Aslan's face much. But he is still pretty awesome, for a CGI lion. All of the children were ace, apart from the eldest boy, who was a bit of a mong and just held his sword in front of him like it was a thing of stink he wanted away from his dear posh nose, but he was kind of like that in the book, so I didn't mind so much. I am well aware of the silly sociomoral issues, the extreme whiteness of it all, the blind Christianity, and the whole ugly=bad themes of the film, before you email me and moan, and I don't care at all. I shall save my ire for the government and The Sun, who actually cause problems. I would put Narnia in the same bracket as Grand Theft Auto, ie - fine and enjoyable and even useful if taken in context of all the other experiences in the world, bad and dangerous if taken alone, if you get me.

Afterwards I felt like I'd done drugs, which is probably bad if one hasn't, and certainly is bad if one becomes addicted, like Willow in that Buffy where magic makes like heroin and she gets big black pupils and tears the skin of that dude and hangs him from a tree. Anyway, I went home and was all making a song and it was ace, then I started "coming down" of the "drugs", then everything sounded crap, so I got a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of Cherry Coke and some cancer and pondered. Wade came back anon, with a bottle of sambuka and a handsome face, and lo with chatter and the playing of tunes did thoroughly inspire me, and in the time it took him to go down stairs and make sweet telephone love to his baban in Atlanta, I did produce a demo of a song that seems to be my Next Level.

It is strange to me that I shall be on, like, level 4 by the time the tour cycle of 1 is complete. But that's OK. I am going to hit you off with new shit on the mixtapes, you'll be happy, and my manager will moan.