King Rebel.

So, I'm back in La La, holed up in Danny Saber's crib with him and his lovely wife Helen and their uber-randy dog Wolfie, who licks my face and has sex with stuffed hedgehogs and shit. We're working on 12345767, my super funky Organised Religion song, which is getting the P FONK treatment. I finished Genocide, my self-produced/engineered/writ/mixed/played ode to Mass Death, and that is a pretty horrible thing, and I am amid Bravecaptain's Jerusalem and the Clones animation, which has to be finished next week, eek, stress, terror etc. So, I was reading news the other day, and I came across that thing about the British Military storming that prison in Basra and breaking out two SAS dudes. Now, that seemed pretty weird right away - how do you claim to have handed over "sovereignty", then bust soldiers out of jail with TANKS?

Well, it turns out, the dudes in question were arrested for firing on Iraqi police, while - get this - dressed as Arabs, car full of explosives. Wigs and everything, like in Team America. Only, not doing "durka durka whattagwan", but going, "durkadurka we are insurgents have some BOOM BOOM and let there be civil war, asshole!"

Now, I wrote previously that all this anarchy is actually GOOD for the occupying forces, that what appears to have been a war with no post-invasion plan was actually no such thing, for a number of reasons. The oil-related destabilisation of China. The fractioning of the occupied masses. Like: so that they fight among themselves, rather than kicking out the British and American Imperialist looterswine. Etc.

Anyway, as ever, Jeff Wells and his peoples have put it better than I ever could. So check it out. And think about 777 in relation. You think the British would never engage in such nastiness? That they haven't been caught doing it countless times? That they won't again?

This is a war. Always has been. But it's us, the people, the subjects, they're at war with. And we, goons that they made us, are at war with ourselves, and each other.

Once you cop that, shit becomes a lot easier.

RIP King Rebel. OG Don. Chip-master. Scourge of the sleepers. Champion Of Fun. The legacy lives on.