King Gottlieb.

Peace peoples. It is a gorgeous, sundrenched afternoon here in London. I am sat outside in my pants emailing and updating, and shall return indoors shortly to finish my raps for this Temposhark tune. Then Narstie and Solo are coming round to do some shit for ATD10.

Speaking of which, its the launch party/gala/extravaganza at Cargo on Friday. Since its the last London show till at least September, and I'm gonna be joined by an all star cast of noisers and emcees, you really ought to come. You can get on a discounted list thing here.

I've gotten really into coffe over the past 24 hours.

So, as we have ascertained, I personally see government complicity in this latest attack on our peoples, and our liberty. However, it is obvious to even my mate Jeres, that we have given people plenty of reasons to want to blow us up. John Pilger again illustrates this beautifully.

Things is, my peoples in the East know, they hit us, we hit harder. Like, when I was seven, this fat kid called me a queer and tripped me, so I punched him in the gut. So him and his two mates went at me hardcore for the rest of break, bosh slap bang twat boof. It's like that.

Check this dude out. That's the boy in the picture. Oh yeah, there is so a Skygod.