Now, when it comes to rape, you know. Id she says he did it, most likely he did it, or at least thought about it. So why is it, in the instance of A Lady VS Snoop Dogg, I'm not buying it? Maybe its the too distressed to work, and the being paid for for years, then sueing when the cash runs out. Ka-Chingy. Oh, the Pope is ill. Boo hoo.

And Kilroy launched his new party! For my non UK readers, Kilroy was this lame but occasionally amusing datytime chatshow host who got sacked for writing a column in which he claimed all Arabs were suicide bombers and women haters, and became so upset he joined neo-fascists the UK Independence Party, giving an impassioned speech diring which he mused, "I like the French. I like the Spanish. I don't neccassarily trust them, but I like them. I just don't want to be ruled by them. I want to be ruled by my own people."

In truth, Kilroy wanted to be ruled by HIMSELF, and quit UKIP when they wouldn't let him be leader. So he set up his own party, Veritas, which he would lead. Whoo! "Our country" he wept at the launch, is being "stolen from us" by mass immigration. Eek!