Kill The Stooge (Nader Was Right)

Man, I've fucked my index finger up, so typing is kind of painful. I don't know what I did to it. I went and saw Pirahna Deathray last night. They were seedy as fuck. I think I'm going to see WASP tonight. Word.

I have the worst hangover I've had since I started drinking again today. So I'm stopping drinking again. Actually, I'm not, I'm going on the piss with Nik aren't I. Oh well.

I'll not drink this weekend and next week then.

Spine Magazine posted 'Toy Soliders' which was my favourite track on the Eminem album yesterday. The Martika sample is genius.

And Dre's doing 'Detox'!!!!!!!!

Oh, Jeff sent me this. It's funny cos it's true.