Kill The Stooge (Nader Was Right)

I'm still seething and depressed over The Stooge. I mean, I had a suspicion. But I was like, NO! IT IS IMPORTANT! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! THEY'RE GONNA BAN ABORTIONS IN 30 STATES! But Kerry was never going to win, and he was always a stooge, a good old Skull N Bones lad, ready to look a bit silly for the cause, to play the game on national television, to beam, beamishly, to poke his forearms cameraward and furrow that brow.

Remember Dean? Dean was supposed to lead the democrats to victory. But The Powers That Be weren't having that. I am sorry, there is no way getting a bit excited and emitting a squeal on the telly could derail a campaign with the momentum of Dean's. Dean was just not allowed. Some lame old dude called Kerry from the Skull N Bones club, some blueblood stooge that nobody could ever envisage getting excited about is suddenly the leader. Yeah fucking right.

I remember thinking it weird at the time. But I was hoodwinked by all that Vietnam shit. Whatever. It's done now. At least we know.

I told you to watch this before. I tell you again. Watch this. Watch it all the way though. Once you have seen Bush and Kerry answer the big question, you will wonder no longer.