Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music Single VS ATD & Issue's Lamborghinis

So, I just sat my ill ass down at my desk to email Issue about our record and San Francisco plans and shit, and what do I have at the very top of my inbox? An email form Issue, with the vocals fora new song called Ace we've been passing backwards and forward. Shit is totally ACE as well.

Yay! I thought, and started writing a reply. Whilst doing so, I flipped over to Rapradar to check the new Kaye record that I knew was dropping this weekend. I put it on and did one of those Tex Avery jaw drop double takes at my monitor (even the the sound's coming from my audio monitors, which are located elsewhere, such is the craziness of the human brain). Cos it sounds a hell of a lot like me and Issue's most recent publicly released rack, The Lamborghinis. The hook sounds like my verse's opening lines - "lamborghini moustache"-  sampled and looped and pitched down. The beat sounds like ours pitched up. And mastred and mixed immaculately, natch. Anyway, it is fly as fuck and I'm taking it on board. I pay attention to the hologram. Grant Morrison says doing so is the first step to becoming a magician. Malcolm X used to say it meant he knew he was walking with Allah. I'm taking it as a sign to book my SF tickets NOW.

Check it out: