Kanye West Came To Hackney Wick To Cop The New ATD Shirts



Yeah baby! Thine eyes hath seen the glory! It's the Living In The Future spring range!


Item #1:  


A T-shirt the people have been demanding since 2005 is finally here! Inspired by the legendary words of Akira The Don, and designed by Akira The Don his very self! Screen printed in glorious duo0colour by professionals on luxurious Gildan super-soft cotton!

Just £12 ($19!)

Item #2:


Words of truth and great wisdom from the legendary Living In The Future 2 by Akira The Don! Designed by Akira The Don his very self, and screen printed by professionals on luxurious Gildan super-soft cotton.

Just £10! ($15!)

Item #3:


The classic ATD logo created by the legendary Zef in Kryptonia red and yellow, screen printed on beautiful deep blue luxurious Gildan super-soft cotton! Designed by Akira The Don himself!

Just £12 ($19!)

Or you can get all three for a bargainous £30! ($47!)

Facebook is overfeeling these beautiful designs, and Twitter has been demanding the retun of the legendary ATD thongs. Remember those?

Mugs is a very good idea. I will look into that. I used to do mugs as well as thongs. And clocks.

Meanwhile, here in Hackney Wick, AKA Nu Olympia, the tourists continue to pour in. One half of that obnoxious Throne, whose glorified concert video was eclipsed by the majesty of Action Bronson and Riff Raff's collaborative debut today, was in my hood. Not sure what for. Perhaps he wished to soak up some swag. Either way, I've got a year of this to look forward to. And you know what? I am hyped. BRING ON THAT FUTURE!