GET OFF MY WEBSITE! I have spent £170 on bandwith this week.

Lame! I quit fags and everything! No ice cream! I wish I had a million dollars!

Hot dog.

(I never got that by the way)

From the terrorful depths of my MySpace messagebox:

i saw v for vendetta today

best movie i saw in an extremely long time i never read the comic and i am somewhat glad i wouldve been critisizing the movie more than actually watching it

i left the theater as a different person

and idk wtf im tellin u this for lol

but damn it was a good movie


Akira Don!

I saw it, V, I am teching myself to shoot my fathers gun, in preperation for the revoltion, fuck it don, its on.


And from the email, in response to that drunk gig email:

heh heh. if i could i would come in the most definite of all matters.but...

1: i live in the USA. 2:i have absolutly NO pounds and 3:im 12. (go figure)

though i still am a good fan. (and i still am a girl) but since i have ADHD, i have just one akwardly random thing left to say....


now excuse me for i have many adventures to endure in.

Which is the best email I have ever seen.

But it did strike me, just then, that I never once considered that I might be writing to a twelve year old girl. Or a fifty year old boy. Or a giraffe. I haven't considered who I am writing to at all, really, and I just did, and am quite freaked out.


Scientology word. Means "observation of the obvious." It is the title of a record I shall release this year.

I shall forget that for now.

I did a tune last night in Brix City with Dego Maradonna and Nimblor from that Why Lout? creu. Shit was bananas, yo! Then Narstie stomped into the building, and destroyed it like Godzilla did that police station, BLAOW! I was fucking AWED, son! BLOWN AWAY, bebbeh! Narstie is the Brixton Biggie and then some! Are you mad? Serious!