Jim Corr: "It's been done in stealth!"

Unlikely Alex Jones Sympathiser # 647: Jim "That Bloke Who Isn't A Bird From The Corrs" Corr. Dude gave a surprisingly eloquent interview to Irish radio the other day in which he expressed his concerns regarding "the New World Order".

Referring to the "War Of Terror" (nice) as the "catalyst for the incremental implementation of draconian measures across the west," Carr warned he had "no doubt that you're going to see the same draconian measures implimented across Europe."

In an interview with Matt Cooper on Ireland's Today FM's 'Last Word' called the Lisbon Treaty, Carr called it "tip-toe totalitarianism in the West" and urged listeners to vote "No" on Lisbon, claiming it could introduce the death penalty to Ireland and contribute to a "new world order".

Corr claimed to have spent three years "studying the New World Order which the European Union is a part of".

"This is an intergenerational plan that has been going for possibly hundreds of years," said Corr. "The EU is a stepping stone towards a world government, they will merge it with the Asia Pacific Union, the African Union and the North American Union." He added that The Lisbon Treaty itself will introduce "a scientific technocracy" to Europe which will erode national sovereignty.

On 911, Corr was pretty explicit.

"When you study 9/11 it becomes very apparent," quoth he, "it was a staged terrorist attack, what they call a false flag operation."

The culprits?

"Rogue elements in the Bush neo-con administration".


Check ye audio below.