It's The First Day Of Spring!

Akira The Don - The First Day of Spring from The Omega Sanction

Hey you guuuuuuys!

1 Extra just told me it's officially THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

Praise Jah!

Praise Big Baby Jesus!

We did it!


Boy, I am relieved. That was a harsh, cold winter, so it was. Cost a bloody fortune in gas as well.

But it's over now.


Big up everybody that helped us get through.

Summer cometh!


Rah then. To celebrate, I have made the song available as a free download, for a limited time. If you do not own this glorious seasonal anthem, click the little downward-pointing arrow in the player above to make it yours! Then go cop The Omega Sanction, the classic mixtape from whence it came...