It's: Akira The Don - Thieving (DJ Cityscape Remix)

Happy Sunday! It is a nice one here in London. The sky is white. The digging outside has - momentarily - ceased. And it is with this spirit of peace and tranquility I present to you Californian technist and longtime ATD community member DJ CityScape's remix of Thieving.


Download: Akira The Don - Thieving (DJ CityScape Remix)

What think you? I think it is DOPE!

Check more of dude's work at his MySpace here.

So, remember, like, years ago, I was talking about doing a thing wherein you could submit remixes, then they'd go up, and people could vote for which ones they liked best and that sort of thing? Well, with this new site technology, it seems we are finally going to be able to realise that dream. All praises due to Zef!