So, bloody Interflora keep emailing me. It is an outrage. You send one bunch of flowers, opt out of any further mail discourse, and they continually insist on reminding you on a more than weekly basis that people all over the world are in love, or dying. It is really quite depressing. Still, I can hardly complain. Two people sent exasperated emails after Monday's ATD mailout demanding to be removed from my Spamlist immediately, and I noticed both had requited on three previous occasions. You get what you give.

Zef and I saw that new Harry Potter last night. It had its moments, but in the main, it was quite shocking. The art of editing in modern film seems to have been completely lost - it made very little sense, and appeared to have been cut by a drunk. And that Daniel lad cannot act for toffee, let alone millions of pounds. The young lady Hermonie Whatever and that Ron Weasly rule, but, again, just like that rotten Lord Of The Rings film, I find myself shaking a fist at the screen, outraged that we have a useless lead who gets all the credit, backed up by a decent person who gets none. Screw Hollywood, and screw JK Dowling, or whatever she's called.

So, 24,596 of you have watched the CLONES animated video on Newgrounds, I see, and the reaction has once more been overwhelmingly positive, although I see a larger percentage are unhappy to have their brains tested, or even poked a little. I shall round up some of the funnier bits of the reviews later this week, but you can oggle them yourselves in the meantime.

Oh, and big up Maryland. A huge and disproportionate amount of my people seem to be living there. I have no idea why, but big up Maryland. I went there once, and it was flat and beautiful.

So. I am informed that CLONES is not yet available to buy on iTunes, for whatever reason. I am told it will be tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can buy online quite cheaply and easily here. So do that.

Fun then:

Kate moss topless on drugs! Remember that "Dance Monkey, dance!" bit in Zoolander? Yeah.

Evil Andrew has a book of his evil hamster drawings! It looks awesome!

I am at number 9 in the Culture Deluxe Chart! Higher than The Darkness! Go vote for me and kick Madonna's ass!

This is full of pathos and amusement.

This is part two. Watch it second. It has even more. It shocked me! In a good way.

Sayonara, lovers. In us we trust.