Inside And Out

This Feist album is incredible! It gets better every time I hear it! If you haven't, buy it now! Serious! It's lush! Thank you for all your nice emails regarding Friday and last night. I enjoyed both shows muchly, yet last night's the most for whatever reason. The sound was dodgy, the PA sucked, it was in a pub with a hundred odd people, as opposed to a couple of thousand, but for some reason it was sort of special and I liked it lots. So safety.

We were in a pub last night, prior to the gig, and Martin played me The Streets' new album on his iPod. I sat there and listened to the whole thing. It is amazing. Next level, laugh out loud, sob out loud, concise, affecting, stupid fresh. Lots of people are going to have to step their games up. Not me, I rule. But I might anyway. Wow!