In The Land Of The Blinds, The Drill-Armed Don Is King

So, my boy BJ Deacon, former lead singer with Piranha Deathray, currently designing lush soundtrack stuff and 3D offices (nice one Google sketch or whatever you're called) lent me his Performance Hammer Drill this weekend, so I got to do some drilling. Every man loves to drill (just like very man loves a chainsaw), and any man that doesn't is suspect in the extreme - if you disagree that just proves my point. My drill point. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Yes. So, I replaced the foul, dirty, wasteman blinds that came with my fine rented accommodation with some brand new VIRGIN WHITE, PULL DOWN BLACKOUT BLINDS. SO now I can watch movies on my projector in the daytime. Or play Grand Theft Auto 4 (hint hint - GTA4 is out in 3 weeks, and it is my birthday in 4. No I don't have a PS3 or an Xbox 360. What industry am I in, textiles?). Not that I actually ever do anything like that. I work all the time (apart from for 20 minutes on a Thursday afternoon, when I watch the new South Park (they usually rule, but the last one kind of sucked balls)).

Hmm. Double bracket situation. Risky. I think I pulled it off though. No?


Anyway! As I was drilling, I realised there was one song I always wanted to drill a hole in a wall to. So I did.

Check me out!

Yes brothers and sisters!

If you'd rather watch me doing MY JOB, you can do that instead. Sally Keys took some footage of the Cambridge gig. Forsooth!