In Sympathy

rent ATD16 is finished.


Yeah, I know. Only a week late.

The Martin Carr stolen inspired song wasn't the last addition, in the end. I dropped one of my patented revisionist cover versions on there. That's what it looks like, up top.

T Shirts didn't turn up yesterday. T Shirt John promised tomorrow, so I gotta stay in all day and wait for them. My girl better not run off with the lighter again, I'll go pots!

Anyway. I went out yesterday. I know, shock horror. I had lunch with my ole pal Lee, who wrote that book I told you about called Queer Fish In God's Waiting Room that's dead good la. We're going to make an audio book of it, I'm pretty excited about that, it should be ace. Anyway, he bought me a veggie curry, a third of which filled me right up, and introduced me to the concept of AVG's. I think they were called AVGs. Now I type that I'm not so sure. They sound interesting at any rate. Something about creating a world and a game around whatever project you're doing, like what they did with Batman, although I was thinking afterwards a lot about that David Fincher film with Catherine Zeta-Jones' husband in it called The Game. You ever see that? such a harsh film. I would not have been as happy about it all as he was at the end, although he was a dick to start, and it was a life changing experience. I'm cool as chilled day old pizza, me.

After that I was interviewed by a very safe lady called Hells (I meant to ask if that was her Mam or her Dad's idea, but forgot) for Pimp magazine. She knew about me because her (evidently wise) older brother gave her one of my mixtapes when she was a kid. Damn I'm old! I had one Guinness with a shot of Tia Maria in it and felt dead pissed as I cycled home clutching a big rolled up sheet of stinky waxed cardboard to make stencils with.

Out was good though. It smelt of Autumn.