In Hand

Damn, that new Rick Ross joint is crazy!

Good music to take photos of one's hand to.

Yesterday I dragged a ton of Superhero Music T shirts to the post office. It was a beautiful day out there. I am working on album artwork and next mixtape. I can reveal it (next mixtape) will be FREE.


OK! The All New Weekly Doncast is live from 5. Listen back to last week's here, in preparation. Someone special in your life you wanna dedicate a song to? Send me the story and the song title and I'll read it out for the Doncast Dedication! Somone you wanna dedicate song to because they're simple THE BEST? Send the song title and your reason to akirathedon at

So, pop quiz - I found that Rick Ross joint at Rapradar, I think. Where do you go to find your new music these days? My bookmarks need updating, I think...