Good morning/evening/afternoon/time. Good time, that'll do. GOOD TIME! Are you having a good time? Is it a good time? IS TIME GOOD?

Who knows (Flavor Flav knows), all I know is that I am a: knackered from the gym, b: tipsy from the post-gym rum, c: freaked out by this video:

That's my little brother Zef and his friend Tom, and their incredible Time After Time video. (I was grasping for a word, but incredible seems about right.


[in-kred-uh-buhl]  Show IPA

adjective  1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible: incredible speed.

2. not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable: The plot of thebook is incredible.)

Yeah, it's pretty incredible.

To some people that a guy has had plastic surgery to look like Superman might seem incredible, but to me it seems like a pretty obvious thing to happen right about now. it is, after all, 2011, and we have, after all been living in an insane purely materialistic culture for nearly a hundred years now. This guy is Andy Warhol's Soup Can made flesh. That there aren't thousands of people such as this roaming every supermarket in the world says more about the bland, uniform facade worn by most "celebrities" than it does about the populace at large's desires to imitate them. Most people you see in shopping centres ARE trying to look like celebrities. I mean, why else would some fifteen year old girl dye herself orange and  and walk around in ridiculous "shoes" scientifically designed to cripple her before she gets to the other side of puberty?

What a funny old word it is. What a funny species humans are. Look at any television set in the world and you'll see a woman with a hole cut in the middle of her top to show her breasteses and a man wearing a noose round his neck fashioned in the shape of an arrow pointing to his penis. Imagine you wer an alien and you landed here and saw all this crazy shit? You would fall about the place laughing your alien ass off, unless you didn't have an ass, or something to laugh with.

In other news, my favourite current album is still Campa's, my Mac today downloaded some weird updates that took 15 minutes to instal replaced my awesome NASA desktop with the lame purple one and filled  me with concern that contained in the update was some dastardly goodbye present from the just departed Mr Jobs, and I have thusfar kept to my schedule of mixing one Manga Music song every day. I also drank a whole pineapple today, along with a large orange and a grapefruit, and I discovered a Caribbean restaurant five minutes from my house that sold me a delicious jerk chicken burger and chips for just £3.50. This could be the start of something beautiful.

RIP Fred Shuttlesworth, who fought for good, but never sold anyone any telephones so you might not have heard of him.