Imagine You Were Trevor Horn

Oh wow! And oh no! I think I might not be around for this, but all my UK peeps around in November, Trevor Horn is playing a gig! With The Pet Shop Boys and ABC and Belle And Sebastian and tAtU and loads of other people he made sound amazing! But most excitingly, Buggles are playing! And it's their first ever live show! Man oh man. 'Video Killed The Radio Star' is the perfect pop song. 'The Lexicon of Love' the perfect pop album. I mean, 'All The Things She Said' was actual GENIUS. This could be the greatest thing ever.

One day I shall work with Trevor Horn, it will be earth shattering.

So I did that show with Moth, and it was very good fun actually, I freestyled for ages, la. It wasn't very loud, but that meant people could hear most of what I was saying. Rory was there! Everybody loves Rory. He is the Prince Of The Geeks. One day he will be King.