imaginarium_tom_waits Bzzzzzzz.

Rah though. I went to Littles' son's Christening yesterday. My First Christening. It was great! The baby got stripped nekkid and dunked in water, and afterwards everybody went to a nice posh country club type place, by a golf course, on which men trailed merrily after remote control caddies, (robots having tooken our jobs after all) and Littles' dad mistook me for someone else and threatened to cut my moustache off. Or something. I am still not quite sure. It was very special, anyway. I approve of large family get togethers, although I might approve less if I had to attend more of my own.

On Saturday, we drove to Greenwich and watched a movie, always a magical experience even if the film sucks. But when the film does not suck... well. It was called The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It is Terry Gilliam's latest thing, the last work of the late Heath Ledger, and it was quite brilliant. The first thing BJ (who went for dinner with Mr Gilliam and Mr Ledger and while it was being made) asked was whether it was as good as Brazil, but they are very different so I couldn't compare them. They have things in common, I suppose - a vastness of creative scope, a nostalgic, childlike quality, like some long forgotten Truth... Parnasus feels like a movie one might have gotten lost in on some wintry Saturday evening during prepubescence. It is heady, swoonsome, magical stuff, rammed with joy, pathos and adventure, awash with freakery and weirdness and Masonic symbolism... and it stars Tom Waits as The Devil, so it's pretty much the Most Awesome Film One Could Hope For, really. I want to see it again, thank you very much.