I'm Not A Troll


Akira The Don VS Richie Beretta – I’m Not A Troll ft. CopperCab From ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.


Shout out Richie Beretta, who I'd never heard of before this, and who it transpired was a fan of my music, and who's own brilliant music gave me a canvas on which to paint CopperCab's righteous anger. Shout out the blog I heard it on - the bookmark for which I lots in last week's crash. Shout out Example, via whom I found CopperCab. And shout out CopperCab, who doesn't understand why he's getting crap at school and on the internets, just for having red hair.

Ah, but it's not just because he has red hair, is it? It's because when he gets teased, he answers back. It's the answering back that really gets people's backs up. If he kept his mouth shut, and his head down, people would quickly get bored, and more onto the next one. Not that he wouldn't always have to endure a certain level of abuse, just for being... because he would. So it goes. But his refusal to just accept that is what makes him a marked man. So big up to you, CopperCab. Your voice is strong and clear - it was a joy to play with.

ATD20 – The Mixtape

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