I'm In The Basement, Mixing Up The Medicine

Good news! I mentioned on CMJ today, in relation to yesterday's AWK VS CG news as "Akira The Don from Piano Battle Judging Scholars For Truth". Ha!

Other good news! I just got 120% better at rapping!

Bad news!

The project I am working on today doesn't require much rapping!

Regardless though, it'll be with you soon.



I mixtape on the subject of


If you have any suggestions for the tape, feel free to leave them in the comments. If you have a recorded message you want to stand a chance of making an appearance on the tape, send that to akirathedon at googlemail.com

Also, if anyone out there has time to strum some accoustic guitar and send it to me, I might be needing some of that...


EDIT: Bonus! I've slung the OG Love tape from 05 back online, so's you can peep some growth. DAMN, I was raw. But I was eager to learn.