I'll Be In The Sky!

akira-the-don-marvin STREAM: B.o.B AKA Bobby Ray - Cloud 9

No reason for that title other than that's what I'm listening to right now. OWWWWW! Bobby ray inspires me you know. Thanks Bobby Ray! You rule!

Serious, if you haven't downloaded this yet, your life sucks.

Yes. Play it loud and be glad.

So, you crazy buggers are still going on the 21010 Comp. I am proud of you, you know that? What clever, dedicated sods you are.


Hahaha. The competition will stay open till 2, which is 24 hours, and means the Yanks get a fair inning. OK Yanks?

Now, I am off to a wedding, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see who won, and who won what. Although if you care that much you could probably work it out for yourselves.

Autumn landed, fellow wetlanders. Enjoy the last gasps of sunshine before winter shows up early like an over keen party guest and pukes on the rug.