If You Want A Meellion Dollars, Just Think Really Hard...

55 Cadillac ...about a meellion dollars. OK? Just ask 50 Cent.

Take today. Wade and BJ came round to listen to the rough mixes of my new album, and help me suss out some preliminary track order. Both of them agree that the record is a thing of colossal awesomeness with at least 5 massive smash pop singles on it. After that BJ and I watched Grant Morrison on google video talking about a bunch of dope stuff, which is some of the same sort of dope stuff my second album is all about, like collective consciousness, and the deceptive idea of the individual and shit. (Late last year we reached out to Grant, FYI, but the last thing I heard was months ago). Anyway, we're watching this video, then BJ's has to run out to get the train back to his wife and baby boy, and I check my email, and I notice that while we were watching that footage of Grant Morrison talking about the sort of dope stuff my album's about...

Grant's wife had sent me and email.

I know, batshit, right? I told BJ, who was really freaked out. I told him he didn't need to be, cos that sort of crazy shit happens every day, but it stuck me that it's actually great that we still find this sort of thing awesome, even though it happens every day, because, well, it's awesome. Like the sun is awesome, and dewdrops on the morning grass are awesome.


A little later, Colin was showing me videos of Crispin Glover, who is some kind of genius. He reminded me of Andrew WK. I put on an Andrew WK record, and did the washing up, then I took a shower. In the shower I was wondering how I could go about getting Andrew WK to help me make my third album.

When I got out I logged onto Andrew WK.com. There was a cool new picture of a beautiful shiny automobile on the front. I clicked it. You have to click through a bunch of of photos to get to the meat of Andrew's site. So i did.

The top story was about his new solo piano LP, 55 Cadillac. I thought, "dope", I wondered if Andrew WK had ever heard of Gonzales. Then my eyes drifted down a little, and I did a double take.

AWK Frontpage Like, wow, huh? Totally, totally wow.

If you look hard for the number 23, you think about it all day long, you see it everywhere.

You want a meellion dollars?

Hell, why not eh?