If You Seek Amy

Blonde Jeremy & Akira The Don - If You Seek Amy FIrst dropped: Jan 29th 2010, on ATD20

You dig what's happening here? That's right! This week, every day, I'll be focusing in on a joint from ATD20. A comic strip inspired by the song, and the song itself. Might even be a video one day, you never know. And today, it's If You Seek Amy, which I did with my ole pal Blonde Jeremy Deacon. Actually, he did the vast majority of it. I just rapped on the end and mastered the thing.

We've been talking about doing this ever since I posted the OG version, as performed by Miss Britney Spears, last year. If you peep that post you'll notice I wasn't feeling it straight away, but BJ WAS, and made it known in the comments. I think we went for a drink that night, by which time I'd listened to the song about 12 times and was assured of its brilliance.

Anyway, as often happens when I'm doing a mixtape, I reach out to a few of my closest peoples to see if they have any ideas. And BJ reminded me of this. And I was like, yes! I got into the thing on Thursday night, like 11pm, and vibed to it for a while - I was like, rah, this is so nice... classy and sleazy at the same time. A vision came before me. A room, a red curtain, a stage. Then that flow hit me, along with most of the words, and I battered it out on my knackered ole keyboard in my non-touch typing, fore-fingered fashion that sounds like a typewriter and cases my girl no end of grief, stood up, declared myself Awesome, and spat it into my AKG C414B with faith and fire and finesse.


And later that day, it was unleashed unto the world, as track 3 on ATD20.


We always say this, but me and BJ really ought to do more stuff together. The last thing we did was that New Theme From Star Trek, FFS. FYI (the acronyms keep on coming!) BJ's been working on an ALBUM For a year or so, and last time I heard it, the thing was AMAZING. Apparently its gotten better since then. I am well looking forward to it. And you'll be the first to hear about it, promise.

OK, over and out for the now. Hit the jump for the lyrics (well, my bit anyway). Oh, and keep it locked on the Blob Blog, output has been intensifying over that way lately. And make sure you're here tomorrow, for another song, and another comic.

I told you I wasn't messing about this year...




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Blonde Jeremy & Akira The Don - If You Seek Amy


yeah, yeah

don's in the club
no mickey mouse
makin like bombs in the club
like everybody out
on my ones in the club
just her up on the stage and the piano man
keep on playing brother
as the red light glows
and the red wine flows
i no longer smoke but its appropriate in this setting
i'm not a betting man
but I'll buck if she keep undressing
i'm still setting the scene so I suppose I oughta mention
its an overused phrase
but this is definitely lynchian
all its missing is a monkey in the corner
either this is all a dream or I awoke in California
i fell asleep  on a bed of fake tits
but all I ever meant to do was rep my crew and make hits
sorry tracks
songs songs
sorry that you thought you had to sing along
that was wrong of me -
oops I did again though!
but really you aint have to pretend to
that make up makes you look like nick endo
oh i can hear a symphony it seems to me it's played on nintendo
and as we get to the crescendo
i can hear a cop car howling in the moonlight
but we don't need nobody comin up in here and messing with us tonight
you'll only find adam with she
F U C K  A T D