If You Didn’t Have A Gun Then I Wouldn’t Need A Gun

Littles Mug Shot > Yours

"If You Didn’t Have A Gun Then I Wouldn’t Need A Gun..."

My dear friend Martin Carr wrote that. I don't know what song it's from [Edit - it was Free Huey, see above, thanks to Dubzi in the comments], it showed up in the random lyrics generator on his new Zef-built website. But it's a very beautifuly put truth.

What was it Bukowsi said about art?

"Genius could be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way"

I think that was it.

I just got off the phone with Littles' girl, the subject of his sweetest love songs, the "Greek chick that'll wet you up for talking shit" from Out On Bail, and the mother of his just-born baby boy. Dude's doing OK in Pentonville, where's he's kicking off a five year sentence on 23 hour lock up, and got himself the majority of a page in The Enfield Advertiser last week, in one of those glorious copy paste straight from the Swine's mouth stories, illustrated by the un-typically flattering mugshot above. No, they didn't bother getting in touch with any of Littles' peoples, and any hope of keeping this on the DL until dude gets to appeal is gone.  Hell - it's the most read story on the paper's website. I copy paste now, corrections in bold:

A MAN has been jailed for five years after detectives discovered a powerful [antique] handgun hidden in a sock in his bedroom.

Dean Crawford, 26, of Enstone Road, Brimsdown, pleaded guilty to possessing the revolver and was jailed at Wood Green Crown Court for five years last Thursday.

The court heard Crawford was arrested after police, acting on a tip-off [snitch], raided his home on August 9 last year. Once inside, officers scoured the house and discovered the six-shot [antique] Smith and Wesson revolver concealed in the white sock in a box on top of a wardrobe.

When interviewed by officers, Crawford initially told police the weapon was not his and that he had found it in a nearby park [but was forced to change his plea to "guilty", as "innocent" would have gotten him 7 years.]

Following last week’s sentence, PC Kevin Foley said: “The lengthy term that Crawford has received shows we will not tolerate gun crime and that we will do everything within our power to remove guns from the community.”

Meanwhile, video evidence of Our Dear Police's abuses at the G20 protests the other week continues to stack up. And Ian Tomlinson's second post-mortem points to 'abdominal haemorrhage', not heart attack, as cause of death. From The Telegraph:

The findings of the latest post mortem was that Ian Tomlinson died from an abdominal hemorrhage.

According to medical experts, the most common cause would be trauma caused by a car accident, stabbing, gunshot or blow with a boot or blunt instrument.

Oh really. How many years for these swine that actually hurt killed someone? How do we go about demonstrating that we will not tolerate the biggest gang in the UK indiscriminately attacking us, and that we will do everything within our power to remove said swine from the community?

Anyway. I'm gonna be talking to Littles tomorrow,  and I'll get an address you can write to him at. I'm gonna get him to write a weekly blog or something as well, and I'm gonna put together a mixtape of the best stuff we've recorded here at Don Studios over the past few years, released and unreleased, to remind the world how fucking great he is, and raise some dough for his kid. If anyone wants to do some remixes/production for that, or has any ideas of what songs should be included, let me know.