I Wonder If They'll Want Me On Mars

GAS! LEAK! GAS! LEAK! Sorry, I'm listening to my brother Big Narstie's song about a gas leak. It is on some NEXT HYPE! It's got me wanting to punch a policeman! That is dictionary definition GASSED! RAGE! PAIN! OOOOOOOOOOWCH!

Crikey, I need a lie down. No lying down for me though, it is 13:40 and I am on a strict regime of MIXING just as soon as I have completed my blogging obligations, as highlighted in blue in my G**gle calandar right after "EAT SOME LUNCH YOU SPOON". For your information I had a posh coffee from The Pearl and a croissant that I only slightly burned in my magnificent oven. My woman was good enough to leave the following on my desk as well, so I shall be getting into that shortly:


I am also a clever man, as evidenced by that magnificent advert I made for ATD25 up top. DOPE HUH? That took me ages that did. I still wanna make another one full of you lot, and if I get a  few more entries I will do it. Upload them to Youtube as video responses to this OR send them to akirathedon at gmail dot com.

So, guess what I was doing on Sunday?


I was shooting my album sleeve. EXCITING NON? I had a vision many years ago, and my vision is being realised. It is a beautiful thing to have a vision realised. Shout out Andrew and Tim and Charlotte. And shout out ZEF, who has NEXT. And by next I mean two album sleeves to do, for a start. GOOD JOB HE'S A MINI GENIUS. Good thing for all of us, frankly. Imagine I had to go out with half-assed artwork? Shameful, I would be weeping all the time. SOB! MY ISH IS ALL WACK ON THE OUTSIDE!

Never that!

Speaking of compilations (we sort of were, right?) Lethal Bizzle's Best of Bizzle just dropped, and its got one of the songs I produced for him on it, namely the swagnificent caper tale Police On My Back. Let us bask in its glory and remind ourselves of how we felt back in 2007 when it dropped!


I think I felt pretty good, myself. It was Summer, after all. I always feel good in the Summer. It's the colour.

Colour! Thank you Matt for those congratulatory blooms, you are a lovely man. Actually, the post has been pretty great of late. I got Marvel VS Capcom last week - which is fucking insane, you get to fight fucking GALACTUS -  and yesterday this showed up:

It's well good so far, apart from the big picture of Memphis Bleek on page 43, so THANK YOU BROTHER LEE YOU ARE A KING.

Speaking of which, this is NOT ON:

Tigers are gassed right now. One big public win and they think they're the new kings of the metaphorical jungle. They're like The D'Alessio gang in Boardwalk Empire before Chalky got hold of them and Jimmy Darmody showed them what the fuck was up. Jimmy and Chalky tie in my affections as regards male characters in Boardwalk Empire, the first series of which we finished the other night, but this scene kind of pushes Chalky into pole position when I think of it. It is so legendary.


The best characters in Boardwalk Empire are all women though really. Certainly the most interesting. Given the circumstances, and deeply interesting times in which the show is set, this makes sense. American women did not have the right to vote in America in the 1920s, after all. This is not long ago. Not even the blink of a gnat's eyelid in the context of our history. Shit is moving Flash-fast right now, and more importantly, we are adapting to it without even having to think too hard - if at all - at the same speed.

Here's a couple of photos of Mars. They bear closer inspection. Some of us may be going to live there soon, after all.

But only some of us. Most will be left behind to scrabble about in the radiation for chicken bones. That's why Gunm, AKA Battle Angel Alita always seemed so true to me. Because it was.

My Nan's moving house on Friday. After twenty years in North Wales she's going back to Cannock, back to where it began. She's going to get shopmobility and zoom around the place with her sisters like they did when they were chiddlers. The circle of life. It's a beautiful thing.