I stole the music.

So, there has been a little confusion, but the truth is this: Birddogg and I play The Legion, 348 Old Street, tommorrow.

It is (and I quote) "literally across the street from the 333 and just around the corner from Plastic People."

We're on about ten, but Sleeping States are supporting, and I am told they are awesome. They're on at nine or something.

I feel really good today, despite not having yet found a rehearsal room for tonight.

BUT! I read an article in the Indpendent about these evil Harelquin ladybugs that are killing all our lovely ladybirds by eating all their food And they're eating butterflies and their larvae and shit. Apparently the yanks introduced them to the US to combat aphids. TYPICAL! DO NOT FUCK WITH NATURE! YOU WILL GET FUCKED UPON IN RETURN! COME THE GLORIOUS DAY! BOP BOP BOP!