I started out for God knows where.

A beautiful place. I lived there, before I knew what was going on.

A horrorful place.

165 Palestinians killed by the Israeli army in the month of October.

So, the latest episode of The George Bush Show raised a few belly laughs. Dick Cheney in his telly is genius.

And, as the votes are cast, the GOP's ugly efforts to stop anybody from voting against them continue. The above flyer, I found particularly nauseating.

So, America, here we are. Here we are on this sad little island, the island from whence the worst of you came, the birth place of your most awful ideas, the seed of your terrible attitude. And we are more powerless than ever we have been. My Snickers theory seems truer every day. I see it in the faces that pass me by, like ghosts, on Bethnal Green Road. So I write my stuff, and I drawn my pictures, and I make my noises, and I wonder when it is that you will stick your fist up my ass and tear out my heart. I am listening to Tom Petty's 'Learning To Fly' and hoping it is soon. I can't take the suspense.