I Said To Hank Williams, How Lonely Does It Get?

So, my boy Colin went to see Leonard Cohen in Dublin last night. He rang me from the place. It sounded amazing.

I shan't be seeing Leonard Cohen, as I am financially deficient. Bah!

Still, I got to see my Dad today. And I will see my Mother tomorrow! Entirely unconnected, of course, but still.

Two stills! We are lucky, eh?

I revisited an old song that never got recorded today. I have a new hard drive. It makes me able to do things of that nature. This song I revisited, I started to write it in '05. It is called There Used To Be Cities. It is in a time signature I do not recognise, as I am an untrained musician, and it is much better than all the songs that ended up on When We Were Young. It is a tricky, delicate song. Perhaps it won't be finished until 2015. I was once amazed, and confused, as to how it took Leonard Cohen ten years to write Hallelujah, but I am beginning to start to understand that kind of process now.

Big up Colin! I hope you had a wonderful time.