"I read auras".

"Twisted like contortion or coppers up in Hoxton/ who had certain black youths on road chuckin rocks for them/ what, you think I forgotten?/ Fuck Sir Paul Condom your whole force is rotten. You cunt."Klashnekoff - Our Time

Dude is so dope.

Anyway, I know I've been on about this since, like, 2001, but I so swear they're about to wheel Bin Laden out. How could they not? The time is ripe. My bets are on Monday.

And if you want educated people who actually know stuff talking on this issue, as opposed to my big gob of vague common sense and instinct, check this.

So. I'm off to Cardiff to do the Bethan And Huw show on Thursday, and I get to take a record. Like, fuck! What do I take? Old? Chris de Burgh? Percee P? Digital Underground? Al Stewart? Or New? Klashnekoff? Lil' John? Sage? Cazals?

Decisions, decisions. Anyway, i am off to cop a bit of a Pirahna Deathray rehearsal, like NOW. And get my SL DZ 1200 whatsit back off of Jeremy. Word.

Oh, and that gigs update is done. Some dope photos from my first UK gig by the lovely Soraya. She is, like, a genius and shit.