I like being on the radio.

At some point last night my inbox started to ping, and my phone started to beep, and it transpired that that Steve Lamacq had played me on Radio 1. Safe as fuck, lad, I thought and was pleased, until I got a message off Jo Apps, which read: "Hey superstar don. Remind me to talk to you about phasing (Missy's biggest mixing problem). Just heard yer track on Radio 1 and vox was cancelled out :( jo xx"

Unhappy face! Humbug! I thought. Anyway, it transpired dude's playing a souped up MP3 of Moth's 'Liverpool' mix. Well good. Soup or sludge, it is a tune, lad, and belongs on national radio. I spent all my tiny tears listening to that goddamn radio at that time of night.

But I will take any advice Jo has, as I am still a very long way from any kind of sophistication, as far as mixing is concerned. I have the grace and style of a seventeen stone ballerina. In rollerskates. On ice. Trying to build a shed. Out of maggots. In a hurricane.

Ho ho. But, you know, I am getting there. My heart is in the right place.

Speaking of which, this animated video is approaching puberty, if you know what I mean.