My new single is out to buy TODAY!

Already it is at number 15 in the only chart that counts, which is the Culture Deluxe Top 40. Go vote here and take me higher! Or lower. Down is good sometimes.

1000 7 inches are in shops: a list of friendly independents is here, and I am told HMV and the other big dogs have it too. You can buy it online in a number of the places, but the only one I can remember off the top of my head that isn't iTunes is PlayLouder. So do that thing.

Some awful news - Arab Strap have split up. I haven't said it enough, but Arab Strap were a massive influence on me, and a great comfort in many times of trouble. They bought me joy and showed me honesty and actuality can be achieved fully in sound. I was working on a cover version of a song of their just the other day. I am gutted.